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65 Anderson St. Manunda, Cairns Nth Qld

Nth Qld Miner's Den is a business specialising in the sale of top of the range metal detectors and other mining products and accessories. Our business was established in 1989 to cater for the needs of prospectors, fossickers, bushwalkers and outdoor enthusiasts.

We are the agents for Minelab and Garrett metal detectors.  As well as selling a variety of high quality metal detectors and accessories, we also stock GPS systems, topographical and geological maps, books, pans, sieves, compasses and many other products associated with the mining industry.

Garrett ATX

Garrett ATX Extreme Pulse Induction


Minelab GPX-5000

Minelab GPX-5000 Nugget Hunter


Bruce's Minelab SD2100

Bruce's Minelab SD2100-still going stron

Metal detecting can be likened to treasure hunting. Enthusiasts come from all walks of life, and whether it is gold you are looking for, or relics/coins etc. the rewards can be very satisfying. Most importantly it is lots of fun! Combined with camping  and bushwalking, metal detecting can contribute to a healthy family lifestyle.  An additional benefit is learning about the history of a particular area. As a family, we have gained a great deal of knowledge of the history of the local area through metal detecting.

The excitement of discovery is what it is all about! The sound of the detector beeping could just be a rusty old nail, but on the other hand it could be the sound of gold, a diamond ring or other treasure!  It's a magical moment when you dig up something special, be it gold, jewellery or other special treasure.

Many enthusiasts choose to specialise in a particular  type of metal detecting, for example underwater or beach detecting. Different types of detecting require  a slightly different technology and technique.   We stock detectors that will cater to the needs of all detecting types and preferences.

Latest Technology and Advice

The very latest gold prospecting detector is the Minelab  GPZ-7000..

As well as detecting advice, we can also  advise on all aspects of  fossicking  license requirements .

Large Selection of River Sluices and Gold Pans

Large Selection of River Sluices and Gold Pans

Our GPS Location

Gold in hand

Look what I have found, gold nuggets

UTM 55 366665E (Aus66)
81 29246N
Lat/Long 16°54'54' (WGS84)




Lucky Prospectors.

Austrian visitor to Nth Queensland finds gold, Christian Seber  lucky prospector.


Junk is not always rubbish, this is what "Charly" found.



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