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NQ Miner's Den - Cairns, QLD

As an authorised dealer for Minelab and Garrett Metal Detectors and accessories, we stock a wide range of gold, treasure and adventure detectors. We can provide advice on the right detector for your needs, whether it be a detector for gold prospecting, or for coin or relic hunting.

Our online store will be available soon, but you can also order your goods by phone.

What is Metal Detecting?

Metal detecting is like treasure hunting. Enthusiasts come from all walks of life, and whether it is gold you are looking for, or relics/coins etc. the rewards can be very satisfying. Most importantly it is lots of fun! Combined with camping  and bushwalking, metal detecting can contribute to a healthy family lifestyle.

The excitement of discovery is what it is all about! The sound of the detector beeping could just be a rusty old nail, but on the other hand it could be the sound of gold, a diamond ring or other treasure!  It’s a magical moment when you dig up something special, be it gold, jewellery or other special treasure.

Many enthusiasts choose to specialise in a particular  type of metal detecting, for example underwater or beach detecting. Different types of detecting require  a slightly different technology and technique.   We stock detectors that will cater to the needs of all detecting types and preferences.